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Little Rock CDL Training

Training the Industry’s Best Truck Drivers

High quality CDL training starts with the best teaching techniques in the industry. The Little Rock CDL training curriculum has been proven to turn inexperienced drivers into professional truck drivers in less than one month. Creating professional truck drivers starts in the classroom before moving to the driving range and road. Below is a breakdown of the typical CDL training course spanning right around 3 weeks.

Classroom Training

C1 Little Rock Classroom

Safety is the number one priority of Little Rock’s CDL training course and learning the classroom material is necessary in order to meet C1’s high standards. The classroom portion will include lectures and presentations covering a wide range of topics. Students at Little Rock’s CDL Training course will be instructed on proper logging procedures, trip planning and map reading, hazardous materials regulations, accident prevention, and safety and mechanical issues. Students will also begin to prepare for climbing behind the wheel of a tractor trailer by learning proven driving techniques for maneuvers such as backing. C1's goal is to train safe truck drivers and the effort begins in the classroom by preparing students with the knowledge they need to drive safely.

CDL Training On The Driving Range

Once the classroom material has been covered, it’s time to begin the driving range portion of CDL training. The Little Rock truck driving school campus has a driving range with plenty of room for moving each student through a series of driving exercises in small groups with professional instructors.

C1 Little Rock Range

The driving skills covered at our C1 Little Rock CDL training campus include:

  • Shifting techniques
  • Coupling/uncoupling the trailer
  • Backing skills
  • Left and right turn techniques
  • Pre-trip inspection of the truck

The CDL instructors will make sure that each student is comfortable with the skills required to pass the CDL skills test at the end of the training program.

Road Training

After the student is comfortable with the skills covered during the driving range portion of CDL training, it’ll be time to take to the roads of Little Rock. With several planned routes to simulate a testing experience, the instructors at CDL training will accompany the students as they practice driving around other motorists.

In an effort to teach the safest truck drivers on the road, each student will be guided through different traffic situations to make sure they’re able to handle situations that may come up during the state CDL skills test.

C1 Truck Driver Training
C1 Truck Driver Training
7303 Highway 70 East
North Little Rock, AR 72117
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