Truck Driving School: Completing CDL Training

Truck driver training to make you a confident truck driver.

With over two weeks of CDL training down, Matt and Morry have come a long way from the first day they sat in the CDL classroom. They've gone from high anxiety to calm and confident truck drivers with some hard work and the assistance of C1's CDL instructors. Matt tells us he's no longer anxious about making the dramatic wide turns a semi needs, and Morry happily explains that he can parallel park with no issue. Passing all of C1 Truck Driver Training School's requirements, Matt and Morry feel confident they can pass the CDL skills test and get their Class A CDL. Their time at truck driver training school is winding to a close, but they have one hurdle left.

Can Matt and Morry pass their tests? Will they be able to focus and apply the knowledge they've received at CDL training school? Watch the final part in this video series to watch how their tests turn out.