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Fort Worth Truck Driver Training

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Founded on the best CDL training techniques in the industry, C1 Truck Driver Training in Fort Worth teaches proven methods for learning the skills to obtain a CDL in about a month. The typical truck driver training program is about 4 weeks long and focuses on the material actually presented on the CDL test. This includes: classroom training, driving range training and road training. Here is an overview on each of these three areas:

Classroom Training

C1 Ft Worth Classroom

The best truck driving training programs begin in the classroom. In order to become the safest truck driver possible, students take part in classroom lectures and interactive presentations during the first week of school. This material covers instructions on proper logging procedures, trip planning and map reading, hazardous materials regulations, accident prevention and safety/mechanical issues. The classroom portion of training will ensure that students are prepared to take the wheel of a big rig during the range portion of training.

Driving Range Training

Upon completing the classroom portion of the training, the student has demonstrated he or she is ready to begin working on the basic driving skills necessary to pass the CDL skills test. This important part of truck driving training takes place on a driving range strategically laid out with difference exercises conducted in small groups with professional instructors.

C1 Ft Worth Range

Some of the driving skills practiced on the Ft Worth driving range include:

  • Backing skills
  • Left and right turn techniques
  • Shifting techniques
  • Coupling/uncoupling the trailer
  • CDL pre-trip inspection of the truck

The primary focus of our CDL instructors is to ensure truck driving students are able to safely demonstrate the maneuvers and skills necessary to pass the CDL test at the end of the training program.

Road Training

C1 Ft Worth Street Driving

Following the driving range portion of truck driving training, it’ll be time to take to the roads of Fort Worth, Texas. With easy access from the range to low-traffic roads, students are able to get comfortable with handling the truck prior to going on the highway.

Each student will be guided through different on road experiences by a professional instructor. This part of truck driver training is focused on traffic situations that are likely to come up during the actual CDL test.

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C1 Truck Driver Training
C1 Truck Driver Training
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