C1 Truck Driver Training Grads

Each week, C1 helps Americans reach a goal and take another step closer to their dreams when students complete the truck driver training program. With a growing demand for truck drivers, a CDL opens up new doors of opportunity and earning potential. The individual backgrounds of our CDL students vary greatly. Some of our trucking school grads are military veterans; some are laid-off factory workers, while others come from the construction trades. Regardless of your background, we are committed to help you realize your dreams of receiving a CDL. All of them came with the goal of learning to drive a ‘big rig’ and obtain a Class A CDL. Their reasons for getting a CDL range from job security, to higher pay, to the freedom of the open road.

Nothing feels better than completing a goal, and we want to celebrate our graduated students’ accomplishments. We’ve posted the photos of each school’s graduates to honor their dedication and achievements.

If you would like to join the ranks of C1 grads who are proud to be professional truck drivers, make sure to view the Admissions page for details about the affordable CDL training.

See The New Truck Drivers From The C1 Truck Driver Training Campuses

Proud C1 Graduate

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