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Indianapolis Truck Driver Training

Full CDL Training In Just 3 Weeks

Three weeks from now, you could be a truck driver. At our Indianapolis truck driving school, you'll learn and refine all the skills you need to obtain your Class A CDL and hit the road. C1 Truck Driver Training has been providing training to new truck drivers for over twenty-five years. With a couple of decades of experience in running a truck driving school, we've been able to refine the process of truck driver training. Our customized three week CDL training program will give you everything you need to pass the CDL skills test.

Our Indianapolis truck driving school is the largest in the city. You'll go through intensive training with experienced CDL training instructors and get behind the wheel of industry standard tractor trailers. Together, we'll help you become a safe, professional driver.

Classroom Training

C1 Indianapolis Classroom

The classroom portion will include lectures and presentations covering a wide range of topics. Educating safe truck drivers is C1’s goal, so students will be instructed on proper logging procedures, trip planning & map reading, hazardous materials regulations, accident prevention, and safety and mechanical issues. In addition to the classroom instruction, students will apply the techniques explained in the classroom to the driving range and street exercises. Every student will practice all the skills necessary to safely operate a tractor trailer.

Driving Range Training

From the classroom, you'll move out to the C1 driving range for behind the wheel training. The Indianapolis driving range provides ample space to learn how to safely maneuver a tractor trailer through a series of driving exercises.

C1 Indianapolis Range

The driving skills emphasized at our Indianapolis training campus include:

  • Shifting techniques
  • Coupling/uncoupling the trailer
  • Backing skills
  • Left and right turn techniques
  • Pre-trip inspection of the truck

The CDL trainers will emphasize the driving skills required to pass the CDL skills test at the end of the training program.

Road Training

When you've learned the basics of driving a tractor trailer, the next phase of CDL training begins with driving on local roads and highways around metro Indianapolis. This phase of the training puts everything you've learned about driving a truck together so you can apply it to real world driving. With your CDL instructor in the passenger seat guiding your way, you'll navigate through roads and practice such things as defensive driving and accident prevention, shifting techniques, left and right turns, and mechanical operation of the vehicle. C1 puts a focus on commentary, so your truck driving training instructor will help guide you as you talk your way through the constant decision-making involved with driving a tractor trailer.

Passing the CDL Skills Test & Our CDL Ace Club

Steven Dolan - First CDL Ace

Our entire staff at C1 Truck Driver Training in Indianapolis puts a lot of effort into working with each student to ensure he or she is successful in passing the CDL skills test.  We recognize those students who are exceptional with our CDL Ace Club.  In order to become a "CDL Ace" a driver must pass the state CDL skills test on the first try.  "Acing" the CDL test on the first try is a big accomplishment that we recognize with our very special Red C1 Graduation hat with "CDL Ace" stitched in gold on the side. 

Ready To Take The Wheel Of Your Career?

New trucking driving training classes begin each Monday at our Indianapolis school.
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C1 Truck Driver Training
C1 Truck Driver Training
3603 E Raymond St
Indianapolis, IN 46203

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