Truck Driving School: Getting Started on the Road to a CDL

CDL Training: Making the decision to go for it.

The road to a CDL begins with CDL training. In this video series, join Matt and Morry as they start on their journey to becoming truck drivers at C1 Truck Driver Training School. Neither Matt nor Morry had any experience in driving tractor trailers before truck driving school. Watch as they start their CDL training in the classroom learning all about truck driving from a qualified and experienced CDL instructor. They gain knowledge of the pre-trip inspection, map tripping, logging, and everything else they'll need to know when they get behind the wheel of a truck. Matt and Morry share their CDL training experience openly as they explain their reservations and excitement about beginning their truck driving career at C1 Truck Driver Training School.

What's next for Matt and Morry? Watch the next video in these series as they get behind the wheel of a semi for the first time ever.