Graduating from CDL Training in Indianapolis

Indianapolis truck driving school director Mike O'Neal has seen a lot of students come through C1's CDL training program. One of his favorite success stories stems from a student who entered the CDL training program with little on his side. The student had been laid off, lost a relationship, and was not in a good financial situation. Every day, Mike and the student would sit down and discuss the CDL training to see where the student needed further assistance. Slowly over the weeks the student was at truck driving school, Mike could see the transition to confidence. The student passed each part of the CDL training program, from the pre-trip inspection to the CDL classroom and road truck driving. By the end, Mike says the timid individual that first sat down in his office had completely transformed into a tall, confident truck driver with a new lease on life and job prospects. These are the kinds of CDL training success stories that keeps Mike coming back to truck driving school every day.