Helping Inexperienced Students at Truck Driving School

"Probably 60% of my students have never been behind the wheel of a truck before truck driving school."

A majority of the students that attend C1 Fort Wayne have never driven a truck before. They're extremely scared and nervous when they first take the wheel. The intention of C1 Truck Driver Training is to build confidence from the ground up. C1's Ft Wayne campus director John Triplett reviews every student's training sheet from the road and range every day and follows up with everyone. It's possible John doesn't know the answer to a question, but he has a huge resource pool to find the solution to an answer – among his instructors and staff, other truck driving school instructors, and other school directors. Together, John and his experienced staff will help anyone that wants to graduate from truck driving school and get a CDL, as long as they work hard and are willing to accept help as they need it. John's Ft Wayne truck driving school is just one of the great campuses that are filled with CDL training staff with the goal of getting you in a truck driving career.